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Welcome to the new DIWAS!

Bigger, stronger, sharper and better. Bigger scope of work, stronger team and partnerships, sharper focus, and better digital presence.


We have evolved. DIWWAAAS is now DIWAS.


We began in 2013 with the singular focus to raise awareness among professionals, patients and the public that diabetes in women is different, difficult, dismissed and deadly.

Over the past 7 years we have learnt that women are vulnerable to not just diabetes, but all the NCDs in a big way, and all of them can coexist or lead to one another and lead us to our new goal: making women healthy and free of NCDs.


DIWAS is a not-for-profit, headquartered in Chennai, India, focused on the prevention of diabetes in women. The launch marked the beginning of a large nationwide movement.


Annually NCDs cause two in three deaths among women.

Over the past three decades, women’s health challenges in low and middle-income countries have changed dramatically. Today, NCDs such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease and mental and neurological disorders are the leading causes of death and disability among women. These diseases are increasingly targeting the poor, both in urban and rural settings.

Women’s health needs evolved and so did we. In 2020, DIWWAAAS took on a new and broader avatar in the form of DIWAS to keep it simple and straightforward, and infused with a renewed focus on not just diabetes but Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in women.