DIWAS by Dr Usha Sriram

Dr Usha Sriram, the Founder of Diwas is a physician, a leading Endocrinologist and Diabetologist, Medical Ethics Practitioner and a strong Women’s Health Advocate.  

A product of the prestigious Madras Medical College, Dr Usha credits her outstanding and inspiring teachers at her alma mater for her strong foundation in clinical medicine.  

She continued her training in Internal Medicine and Endocrinology and Metabolism in the US and obtained her American Board certification in both Internal Medicine and her specialty Endocrinology – Diabetes - Metabolism. She also completed her graduate training in Medical ethics, a lifelong passion of hers. 


Women’s health has been an area of focus and interest of hers since she began her fellowship in endocrinology. Her north star has always been her belief that all women have the power to create, nurture and transform and their productivity and contributions to family and society should not be compromised by poor health. Diwas is Dr Usha’s way of giving back to the community with women as the key beneficiaries, as they are the central agents of change. 


“A career in medicine is not just a profession but a calling and it has the power to allow us to touch lives in the most amazing and most meaningful way possible”, has always been her message to young students and colleagues.

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DIWAS for Women's Health

DIWAS is a not-for-profit initiative, committed to promoting the health of girls and women. Our focus is on prevention of Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) through awareness and advocacy programs.

Our goal is to transform the risk and occurrence of NCDs by improving health literacy. We passionately believe that education and access to preventive healthcare for women will have a far-reaching impact on not just a woman but her entire family and the community. Women are change agents for NCD prevention and management.​

Globally, there is an unequal impact of NCDs on women, and the general perceptions around women’s health have been a significant deterrent to overall progress and led  to  the neglect of NCDs in women. Are you familiar with these myths?

• A woman's health is limited by her reproductive health

• NCDs are diseases resulting from lifestyle choices in high-income countries

• NCDs, especially cardiovascular illnesses are typically diseases that happen to men

We at Diwas believe that women should play a key role in the solution for prevention of NCDs and we intend to design our approaches to address the context of women-centric health needs.




Health needs at every stage of life


It’s common knowledge that the foundation of good health is the same irrespective of age. One has to eat healthy, be physically active and get regular health check-ups. Today, it’s been established that mental health is undeniably linked to physical wellbeing and the importance of taking care of mental health as well cannot be over emphasized.


Are you a young adult woman or a senior woman? We’ve got some excellent suggestions for you.


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