diwas camp

DIWAS Camp at Chennai Trade Centre

A special camp was recently organised to provide a comprehensive

check-up for patients with diabetes on 19/03/2009. More than 130 patients underwent eye checks, blood pressure monitoring, foot review for neuropathy and vascular assessment using Doppler equipment. Dietary advice was given on an individual basis. An ECG service was also provided to identify asymptomatic heart disease. Four dedicated diabetic specialists attended the camp to provide clinical care.

The Chennai Turner Syndrome Society, a non-profit charitable organization, provides support services for individuals with TS and their families and disseminates up-to-date medical information to families, physicians and the general public. The society is run by our endocrinologists, staff and supported by well wishers. The goal of the society is to improve quality of life for individuals and families affected by Turner Syndrome, through provision of public and professional awareness about the needs and concerns of individuals with Turner Syndrome.

We also work with NGOs such as Montford community development society and organise social welfare programmes.


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