Sweet Hearts at Risk

At the age of 66, Mrs. Padma, having lived with diabetes for several years, exhibits a story of survival, commitment and perseverance. She was diagnosed during an extremely hard time in her life, when she has a stillborn baby at 32 years old. She had to accept what was, move on and make necessary changes. Her decision to make changes and prioritize her health and manage her diabetes started after a health scare. Mrs. Padma had a heart attack, in 2010, while she was visiting the United States, and had to reach the hospital by herself in an ambulance and went through an angioplasty. It was after this that she visited her doctor regularly, followed her advice and ate healthy.

Advice from Mrs. Padma - We women are at very high risk for heart disease, more than men. Most of us don’t know that. So always be attentive to your sugars, cholesterol and blood pressure. Arm yourself with knowledge and be engaged with your health.

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