Wakeup Call

A sudden and surprising diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes. And it all started with a lifestyle change. Swetha was a healthy woman, with a busy and productive life as a production assistant. After her marriage at 27, she immigrated to another country where her routine and life as she knew it, changed. With staying home and enjoying married life, with cooking for her husband, she gained 20kgs. Swetha’s change in lifestyle and her family history, with her father being diabetic, played a significant role in her diagnosis. Her food choices and sedentary lifestyle of staying indoors and watching TV became important factors in her weight gain. Swetha never thought she was at risk for diabetes, especially because she did not experience any of the usual symptoms.

Thoughts from Swetha - Many of my friends started gaining weight in their late teens due to academic pressures. Life was sedentary and a lot of stress was involved. College does not promote physical activity and most of us get into jobs that require sitting for long periods of time. More sedentary activities such as watching TV and being on the computer, has replaced an active way of life.

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